Our Teachers

Maria is the owner of Arc Yoga. She is a North Queensland girl who grew up on a farm in a little town called Dimbulah, inland of the Atherton Tablelands.


Since graduating university as a graphic designer Maria practised as a broadcast designer for 4 years before deciding to pursue Yoga beyond her own personal practise.


Maria has been practising yoga regularly for the past 11 years although she first learnt about it a number of years before that through her father. He began his own personal practise to help with the back pain he was suffering due to years of hard work on the land as a farmer. From seeing how her dad benefited from yoga she fell in love with it and the potential for it to help people.


Six years ago Maria made the decision to undertake her teacher training with the Knoff Yoga School. She studied Level 1 Discovery, Level 2 Chair and Level 3 Foundation Yoga. Recently on a 7 month adventure around the world Maria studied GroovyKids™ Yoga in Tennessee.


Maria runs Beginner/General Level Classes, 5 Week Beginners Courses and GroovyKids™ Yoga from her Arc Yoga studio in Kirwan with her dog Greville attending most classes. Beginner/General Level Classes involve meditation (help to still the mind), pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas (yoga poses), relaxation (help de-stress), and philosophy (words of wisdom she has been inspired by).

Join Maria every Wednesday at 4:00pm at the Arc Yoga studio.



Cassie was born and raised in Townsville and with the exception of some overseas adventures has always lived here. She had a few brief encounters with yoga through her teen years and came back to it again when she began a significant weight loss journey. This time it stuck and she fell completely in love.


Yoga helped Cassie with the physical challenges of losing a large amount of weight but more importantly helped to change negative thought patterns, encouraged a positive relationship with her body and a less stressed attitude in general. Having experienced first-hand the life changing effects of yoga, Cassie is a firm believer in its healing qualities and wants to share this with as many people as possible.


Cassie was a student of Arc Yoga and other Knoff Yoga teachers before completing her teacher training with Byron Yoga Centre in 2014. Cassie is a Level 2 yoga teacher with a Certificate 4 in yoga teaching (Purna Yoga). Her classes are welcoming, calming and alignment focused. You will leave feeling relaxed and with a smile. Cassie is excited to make her classes accessible to all no matter where you are on your yoga journey.

Join Cassie bright and early every Monday & Friday at 5:45am, Saturday at 9am and Easy Yoga 6:15pm Thursdays at the Arc Yoga studio.


Lesley teaches based on the Knoff Yoga School System with a focus on alignment of the body whilst doing poses (which helps to prevent injury). While students are challenged, they are also reminded and encouraged to work to their own level and develop at their own pace.

The five general elements to our Knoff Yoga based classes include:
1. Meditation – Non-religious. Assisting in calming the mind.
2. Pranayama - Breathing exercises increasing your vitality.
3. Postures - Builds strength, flexibility and balance with your body.
4. Relaxation - Helping you to reduce your stress levels.
5. Philosophy - Uplifting thoughts to assist you throughout your life.

Join Lesley every Monday at 4:00pm and Tuesday at 5:45pm at the Arc Yoga studio.



Miranda moved from the UK last year where she has experience as a yoga therapist and meditation teacher. She is guided by a more spiritual approach to yoga rather than the physical aspect.


Miranda holds our meditation/restorative yoga at the Arc Yoga Studio. Her classes include some gentle asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation and of course meditation.

Join Miranda ever Sunday at 9am at the Arc Yoga studio.



Jade suffered years of chronic neck and shoulder pain from previous injuries and emotional trauma culminating in incapacitating spasms. After becoming aware of the limitations of conventional medicine and ongoing recommendations from friends to try yoga – particularly Knoff yoga, her journey began in early 2013. It was challenging, with both her physical limitations, and the mental obstacles of depression, anxiety and fear that accompanied the chronic pain.

She persevered, grew in every aspect of her being and is now an advocate of the transformational power of yoga on all levels. She credits her consistent practice of asana, pranayama and meditation with her ability to balance working full time, studying, renovating and planning the fun stuff. It has led her to heal in physical, emotional and spiritual aspects leading to alleviation of pain and enriched relationships and life experiences.

Jade’s journey inspired her to give back by sharing the gift of yoga. She recently completed her Level 1 Discovery and Level 3 Foundation teacher training in Cairns with Master Teacher Nicky Knoff after being taught by an Advanced Knoff Teacher for over five years and is thrilled to share the principles of Knoff Yoga and a smile with the world. She hopes students find her classes challenging yet rewarding and promote a sense of wellbeing – whatever that may be; for each individual.

Join Jade Wednesday's Beginner/General 6:15pm at the Arc Yoga studio.